Types of electric hip sex dolls and how to use them

According to the different materials of wholesale sex dolls, there are TPE sex dolls and silicone real dolls. Many people don’t know the difference between tpe life-size dolls and silicone dolls. Check out the table below, the difference is clearly shown.

In addition to the material category, you can also choose between ordinary love dolls and smart smart love dolls. That means it has smart stones and built-in heating and sound. We use a mobile app to control body temperature and sound resources to create more realistic effects.

There are intelligent real-life dolls to choose from. You can get to know and choose your favorite smart doll through our smart sex doll collection.

how to use
If you bought a love doll but don’t know how to use it, you can follow these three steps to enjoy the doll.

  1. Install the real doll

Whether you just purchased a life-size electric hip sex doll or have already used it, it must be assembled and dressed before having sex with her. Reality dolls have a slight odor when imported. Therefore, it is recommended to store it in a cool, well-ventilated place for 2 days, and use it after the smell disappears.

Installing a sex doll is actually pretty easy. It is divided into two parts: doll head and doll body. You can see that the doll’s head and neck are held together with screws. Simply connect the screws and tighten clockwise to combine them into a love doll. In addition, you can also put on beautiful outfits and wigs according to your taste, and you can pose as sexy as you want.

Still don’t know how to mount a sex doll? You may find this sex doll setup video helpful.

  1. Choose a place you like
    Now you can date your tpe sex doll anywhere else in your home. It can be a sofa in the living room, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. Adult sex dolls are very quiet and willing to cooperate to enjoy sex elsewhere. You can dress up the scene however you like so that you and her can have an unforgettable sex experience.
  2. Choose the pose you want
    Real sex partners may not match your favorite sex positions. They usually choose positions that give them a more comfortable, pleasurable feeling. However, these may not be what you want. At the same time, true partners sometimes don’t take difficult positions. Life-size dolls are the perfect solution to this problem. They will meet all your needs unconditionally, without any complaints.

Additionally, the Love Stone unlocks more poses when used with a couple.

By the way, Pornhub is the largest porn tube site where you can find a lot of people having sex with electric hip sex dolls. You can get more ideas on how to have sex with dolls.

Then enjoy this erotic journey with the real 160cm sex doll of your dreams.

Care and maintenance after use
Don’t forget to clean and maintain your life-size electric hip sex doll after use. We have professional cleaning and maintenance knowledge, let you know exactly how to care for your doll. We also have detailed videos on how to clean sex dolls for your reference. See our collection of sex doll videos. If you have further questions, please ask us for help.

love doll storage
After washing the love stone, dry the body and apply Telkom powder evenly to keep the body dry. Do you know how to store your real dolls more carefully? Check out our guide to sex doll preservation.

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