A template for essays 

Collect ideas for your essay. For a nonfiction essay: gather information about the topic. Decide which idea you want to write about. Again, make a detailed collection of ideas on the chosen topic. Think about what you want your essay to be about: what kind of punch line, what kind of suspense, what kind of message or thesis. 

Now sort out the ideas you need for your essay from your collection of ideas. Organize the selected ideas according to what belongs in the introduction, climax, and conclusion. Write your essay. Write first in your scratch book and with wide margins (about one-third of the page as margins) so you can make improvements. 

Basically, this is how you can proceed with essays: Introduction: this is where you introduce the characters, the time, and the places where the story takes place. For a non-fiction essay, this is where you can explain your topic, what it is about, and what different opinions there may be. Climax: This is where the actions of all the characters flow together and approach the climax. In a nonfiction essay, you make your argument in this part. 

Conclusion: This is where the essay comes to a point, the message, the climax of tension, the thesis statement. The conclusion is very short in relation to the main body. 

Check if your essay reflects what you want it to (content check) and if the order of the plot/arguments is correct. Linguistic check: Now comes the fine-tuning! Check if you have a lively language. This means: Do you use expressive words (instead of the pale “he said”, for example, “he insisted”, “he shouted grimly”, etc.)? Do you often repeat the same word? If so, replace it with words of similar meaning! Do you write vividly? That is, do you describe experiences with all the senses so that the reader can really get a picture? Instead of “I was afraid to go into the ruins of the castle,” describe why the ruins frighten you and how you feel the fear: “Dark and threatening, the ruins rose into the night sky, and from the interior of the castle, in the pale moonlight, whitish wisps of mist rose up, twisting around the tower like ghosts. 

My heart began to thump loudly against my chest, and a tingling sensation ran down my spine. It didn’t help: I had to get into the castle! With weak knees, I continued my ascent. The closer I came to the ruins, the duller the musty smell wafted toward me. I summoned up all my courage when a horrible scream shattered the moon’s silence – crap, the heavy metal open-air concert had already started!” Check your spelling now. Clean up your essay, either handwritten, typed, or computerized. 

Outside proofreading will work as well. Look it up, and search for review. For example, this customwritings review and consider the possibilities. 

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