The right choice of university is the formation of a personality



The right choice of university is the formation of a personality

Suppose you are finishing 11th grade and choose which university to go to. If you love airplanes, boats, maybe you like the Pascal language or you have always dreamed of treating animals, then everything is clear, you should go where your heart lies . You don’t have to listen to your parents who want you to go to honey, because, of course, all the doctors and you will be a doctor! Of course, there are families where you cannot even say a word in reproach to adults and this is a big problem. So you need to try to convince your parents that this is your life, and not their wild fantasy.

The right choice of university is the formation of a personality

Yes, all this is now becoming a common truth, go where you want, choose what you like, but what if you don’t want anything at all and don’t know how to do anything, how do you like that? Suppose you are a boy, you are 17 years old, and all these years they did what they played in dotka and counter, not thinking about the future at all. There is nothing wrong with that from the point of view of growing up, but reality spoils everything. Of course, you can expect that you will become an e-sportsman and earn millions of dollars, and this is real, but our conversation today is on a different topic).

You also need to choose a university that suits your level of intelligence. After all, if you find it difficult to study at university, you will have to constantly seek the help of proofread my dissertation service to write your homework. And such services are not cheap now.

Since in USA the “norms of growing up” do not provide for finding yourself after school, the so-called GAP year, then most likely if you went to grade 11, you will be forced to immediately enter a university.

The right choice of university is the formation of a personality

“But damn it, I don’t know where to go and what to do, I don’t want anything!” – you say to yourself. Do you think this is an exaggeration? Anyway, in the last article I wrote that a modern university (no matter which one) graduates on average 1-3 people from a group of 20-25. Now universities are trying to actively fight this, pulling out the unsuccessful, just to raise their ratings and close their development plans, but this does not add points to anyone. There are many reasons for such a small number of graduates, one of them is simply the wrong choice for admission.

Many students who graduate with honors from the university work in a service for writing homework customwritings. This service offers writing essays and dissertations of varying complexity for all students.

What to do if you absolutely do not see your occupation in the future? The plan is this, we open your favorite search engine and look for the tops of the most demanding professions and see which ones catch you at least a little. But there is a catch here, the types of activities that can earn millions, it is quite possible to master without leaving your home.

“And what, I don’t go anywhere now?” … Of course not, a university is an excellent prospect to find myself, so we are looking for professions and universities that we like that provide a similar type of activity.

A universal choice would be a technical university without a bias in a specific area from the very beginning, so that you could understand what you want, what you want. Why technical and not social? It’s simple, it’s easier for techies to make money from scratch.

The right choice of university is the formation of a personality

In a technical university (if this is not a sharaga) you will be taught to think and learn, no matter how strange it sounds.

And you can always master internet marketing or learn to jump from a parachute.

Output :

-We go where the heart lies.

-If the heart lies on the couch, then we look at promising professions of the future and go to conquer them

-When you do not know where to enter and the word ruler or physics does not cause a gag reflex, then feel free to go to a technical university.

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